In 1998 a research grant on lichenologic flora of Romania was discontinued. Further work is presented through this site.



The available data is now finalized as:

  • a collection of determination keys, published as a book, "Determinatorul Lichenilor din Romania", Bit, Iasi 2005, about 500 A4 pages.
  • Catalog of lichens in Romania, kindly edited and posted in Berlin(Germany) by dr. H. Sipman
  • Checklist of lichens in Romania, kindly hosted by dr. T. Fuerer in Hamburg(Germany)
  • some national and international cooperation underway




We are thankful to Dr. Harrie Sipman , Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem for corrections, advice and continuous support .

We also keep track of links of various lichen resources of interest for the Romanian scientists.



  • The lichen flora of Romania has been studied since over 150 years and the results are found in over 300 publications.
  • Moruzi et al. (1967) presented a survey (in Romanian) of all available floristic information. Following practice of that time, these authors included many infraspecific entities, listing a total of 2575 taxa.
  • Since those days much new information on the Romanian lichen flora has become available. Infraspecific entities for classification are no longer used unless evidence for genetic differences are available. And the application of new methods and character complexes has changed the classification of lichens dramatically.

Therefore it became urgent to present a new survey of the available information, using taxonomic units as currently accepted in the lichenological community worldwide.

Dr. Harrie Sipman
Botanisches Garten Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem



During 2005 a copy of the Catalog of Lichens was posted on the Lycos site(Lycos mirror of the present data). The folowing traffic was recorded(400-600 page views per month):

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